Specialist Disability Housing in the NDIS

The NDIS will qualify 28,000 people for Specialist Disability Accommodation out of the 460,000 people in the National Disability Insurance Scheme by 201. There is existing housing for 16,000 of those people, with a further 12,000 new housing places to be created.

How NDIS funding works

People with impairment or a condition likely to be permanent and who have substantially reduced capacity to participate effectively will qualify for NDIS funding support. This can include funds for personal care, home help, and living skills. It might also include funds for modifications for the participant’s own home or a private rental property.

Where people are assessed as needing specialised housing due to their disability, the NDIS also provides funds to meet accommodation costs that are higher than the standard rental costs that NDIS participant would otherwise incur.  This is projected to be 6 per cent of all NDIS participants.

People qualifying for SDA payments can select a housing provider of their choice. Housing payment ranges from $14,500 to $101,336 per participant per annum, depending on the type of dwelling and level of accessibility required. The typical subsidy will be between $17,600 – $22,000 pa.

The vast majority of NDIS participants will continue to access housing in the private market – rental or home ownership – and can access funds for home modifications.

Planning for SDA development

Specialist Disability Accommodation providers will need to project their financial modelling to take account of the implications of NDIS participant choice and funding portability, along with the need to mesh accommodation with support services and staff in group living arrangements.

Deep engagement with existing disability and housing services, people with disability and their families will support the coordinated and informed approach to constructing housing that will meet needs and reduce investors’ risks.

Projected new dwellings needed

Of the 28,000 participants that will have SDA funding, around 12,000 participants do not currently have an appropriate home. It is expected that between 500 and 900 new properties will be constructed each year for the next 10 years to meet this need. Here are projected estimates.

STATE 2016 2017 2018 2019 TOTAL
ACT 159       159
NSW 2,323 1,607 12   3,942
NT       95 95
QLD 377 423 1,220 481 2,501
SA 1,030 4     1,035
TAS   374     374
VIC 591 1,403 947   2,941
WA         948
TOTAL 3.448 4.464 2,557 1,525 11,995


Case study

Integrated housing and support demonstration projects by the Summer Foundation with partners in inner Melbourne and the Hunter region can be found at:

https://www.summerfoundation.org.au/wpcontent/uploads/2015/11/integrated_housing_support_proj ects.pdf


This information was provided at NDIS Housing: The Missing Piece, a Disability Services Consulting workshop, May 2016.



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